now we have entered into 2013,and lots of improvement has bee done in seo and specially for blogger seo optimization.a lot of new seo features of blogspot blog has been introuduced.which helped great for bloggers to improve their search engine ranking.

blogger seo tips 2013-how to optimize blogger blog for search engines? 


1-submit a sitemap to google webmaster tools

   to get full reports of how your site is performing in google search engine,you must have to have submit a sitemap file to google to tell a map of your site.on the basis of sitemap,they will generate reports for your website.this is very helpful for webmaster to know errors and html warnings about their site.

2-making blog post title appear before your blog title.

post title are the first thing your readers will see in search results,but in blogger,a blog title is shown before the post title which is very annoying do not provide good user change this setting,read articles below.

change the blog title for improved seo

3-setting up custom robots.txt for blogger.

custom robots.txt file is great to tell google how to index your can tell google how to crawl your website in your get more about this read 

updated custom robots.txt for blogger

4-add unique meta tags to each post in blogger

 make use of blogger's new meta tags search engine description feature.this is the best way to summarize your post in few words to that people can get idea of what is your blog about.
to get know about meta tags,read below articles.

blogger tutorials| add unique meta tags to each post

meta tags adding tutorial for blogspot blogs

5-making a html sitemap for users

a html sitemap is beneficial for users.they can find all the links on your website or blog and find information what they are looking article on how to make a html sitemap for blogger

6-optimize blogger comments,archives and labels to get out of depration.

do first thing to optimze blogger comments and archvies because spam comments can force search engine to kick you out from search results for spamming.and archives create big problem for crawler.labels are not very annoying as other consider to optimize article on how to optimize blogger comments and archive?

summury for blogger seo tips 2013-optimize blog for seo

get upadated with new seo technique to be in in the world of not let your competitor beat you.apply new seo techniques to be on ist page of google.this is the only way to become a successful bloggger.

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