few seo tips for blogspot beginners

if you are a blogspot beginners,you may want to know about some of the seo tips that will help you build a successful blog.you have come to the right place.here you will find stuffs about blogspot tutorials,seo tips and tricks for blogspot blogs.here are few seo tips to be consider while making a blogpot blog.

list of seo tips tips for blogspot beginners

1-choosing a domain name

first thing that comes into mind is the domain.if you use right keywords for your domain,you will have targeted traffic to your blog for selected keyword category.choose a domain name that best macthes with your content.here is how to select a domain name for blogger.
3-keyword2.keyword1.blogspot.com(if not available,change positions)

2-choosing best template for your blogspot blog

choose from thousands of best theme found on internet.choose one that matches with your content.also there are seo optimized theme available on interent .you can select one from them as well.

3-multiple posting per day

post at least 3 posts per day to be indexed fastly by google.google crawlers loves to eat fresh content and if you provide them what they want,they will regualarly visit your blog and you will get better indexing rate.

4-submit a site to google webmaster tool

first thing to do is to submit a sitemap to google to tell google about your site so that they can create a reports about your ranking data in google.read how to submit your blog to google,yahoo and bing at once.

5-use correct custom robots.txt file for blogger

make use of new custom robots.txt for blogspot blogs.this is very helpful in telling a google the way you want your site to appear in google search results.read how to set custom robots.txt for blogger blog

6-make use of meta description tags

use blogger new feature “search description’ that helps you define a small summury of what your site is about.read blogspot tutorials|add unique meta tags for each post in blogger.

7-connect with top social bookmarking sites.
share and connect your blog to most popular social bookmarking sites.they give us valuable backlinks to our site and increase our ranking in google search engine.here are the list of high page rank dofollow social bookmarking sites

these seo tips for blogspot beginners will help newbie set up his or her blog well in search engines.

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