there are a lot of articles on internet about the topic"which is better?wordpress or blogspot?.i am going to explain top 7 resons why blogspot is better than wordpress.or actually i am going to prove it why blogspot blogs are far better than a wordpress blog.

top reasons why blogspot is better than wordpress?

here i am going to explain some reasons why i prefer blogspot instead wordpress.your opinion may be different from one i am explaining.

1-blogspot blogs are indexed very fast.

since blogspot is owned by google and after you created blog,you may check that it is indexed in google the next day.the indexing process is so fast that if you post frequently,your content will be indexed at rate of hours or may be minutes depending upon regualrity of your post.

2-blogspot blogs are free of charge:

blogspot blogs are free of charge provided by bloggers.you do not have to spend a single penny from your valet.you can start with a single account with three clicks.this makes blogspot far better than wordpress blogs.

3-protected from malaware and hackers.

blogspot blogs are protected by google blogger team.since we do not have access to backup files of our blogspot blogs.google look after our blog security and its very hard to hack google account to reach your blogspot blog.while wordpress is easily hackable and anyone can hack your username and password with software programs.

4-domain registration for blogspot blogs:

once you have created a successful blog,you may want to shif it to your own registered domain,you have full option to register your blog.you can register with just 10 dollars per year.

5-unlimited hosting.

blogspot blogs have unlimited hosting.you can store as many file you can on blogger account.no restriction is there.several files can be uploaded to blogspot blogs at once.

6-adsense integration:

this is the reason why most blogger use blogspot blogs.the easiest way to get google adsense account is by using blogspot blogs.blogpot blogs are easily integerated into blogspot blogs with single clicks.no need to buy domains and pay your bills.

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