seo stands for search engine optimization.every body is familiar with this term seo.since the earning money online trend increases in pakistan,seo training in urdu online has been started on the web.some qualified professionals are giving seo training online in urdu.but charging so much money not every body is able to i have stared seo training in pakistan in urdu and english to help newbies learn seo for free.

seo training will be consist of complete training videos and lectures i will post on this blog.since seo is the long process,it will take very long time to optmize websites for given keywords.

just keep visiting this blog and you will find seo training videos and articles on seo training in pakistan in would able to do seo of your blog easily afer learning seo from me.seo is not a very difficult process but some content requires attention and hardworking to be able to perfect in this field.

in this blog,you will learn two main types of seo,

1-on-page seo

2-off-page seo

i will explain in detail for each content .

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