MEGA.CO,NZ SEARCH ENGINE has finally started with new shape and promised by the kim doctem.but the site is not like the previous megaupload site.that has premium features like mega key and megaupload download/upload for now,the site has not search engines for the files to search.

also the has problems regarding account creation process.if you lost your passwords,you cannot regain it is in term of condition of some people reported that they did not get any activiation email when they sign up for got this email when i signed up with a gmail id: sign up email sign up email

i do not know why some people did not get thier activation email.the files that uploaded are encrypted with some 2048bit encryption.the files are automatically generated with some keys that will assigned for your uploaded files.

the is also takes more time for loading site and sign in process.the graphics are very high and the server load is also very high.the is now in top 50 websites afer dropbox.its servers are based in newzealand so therefore no one be able to put a ban on this newly created site.the unitedstates people are not invited to use this new site.

it is recommended to sign up with gmail id and do not forget passwords or you will lose everything you have in your account because there is not recovery process for passwords.

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Michelle Powers said...

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27 February 2013 at 10:46

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