in last few years,many internet service providers have launched their services in pakistan .since the no of internet users are expanding day by the internet service providers in pakistan are increased with multiple pacakges and bandwith limits.

there many internet service provider introduced in pakistan,but a few ones were successfully made place in broadband industry.internet service providing companies can be compared with their packages bandwiths and limts. we can separate them according to thier prices and quality.

  1. ptcl rank no 1 in the no one internet broadband service provider across pakistan.the quality of ptcl internet service is excellent.they offer internet connection with the ptcl phone so that you can enjoy both services at the same can download at line speed with ptcl internet.the speed package ranges from 1-50mb/s with price changes.students are given special discount

    2.  mobilink internet service is the second best quality internet service in pakistan.the offer a wi fi modem that you can use at any time any where.they offer 1mb/sec package and the price changes every three to four months.

    3.  wi tribe is the third brand in the internet service providing company.their service is not good as the above ones.most the customers of wi tribe reported signals problems in karachi and other cities of the pakistan due to which wi tribe is not trustable.they have only 1mb package and the space is limited to 8gb and you can extend it with wi tribe addons service.

there are many other internet service providers in pakistan.but they differ in qualiy price and flexibility.some people use a loca cable internet service like fariya or connect.which is affordable.

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